Following the success of The St Barnabas Pilgrimage in 2017, and Walking with Ghosts, we are delighted to be partnering with Passchedaele Memorial Museum, Zonnebeke, to create a new site-specific walking performance for the West Flanders 'Year of the Cemetery' programme. The performance will explore the relationship of survivors of the Great War with the post-war landscape. The audience will connect with real-life historic characters in a heritage experience which will take them through the landscape of Zonnebeke and its monuments and cemeteries.

Tickets will be available from spring 2024.

The project is led by Prof. Helen Brooks, Prof. Mark Connelly, and associate artist, Jayne Thompson. It will provide opportunities for skills-based education for students at the University of Kent who will work on the production team. We will be recruiting a company of actors to perform in Footsteps, in early 2024.